The impact of the Sun’s short wavelength Ultraviolet rays and the toll it can take on humans has been well documented.  Skin Cancer is the #1 cancer in the US and according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) roughly 9,500 Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer each day.  Research indicates that over 3 million Americans are affected by nonmelanoma skin cancer each year and more than 1 million Americans are living with melanoma.

The scary thing is that cases of Basil Cell Carcinoma have increased 145% since 1976-1984 and 2000-2010 and Squamous Cell Carcinoma have increase 263% in the same time period.  And Melanoma rates have double from 1982 to 2011.

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As someone who has had skin cancer, a squamous cell on my upper lip.  Which I discovered just prior to the 2016 Minnesota rifle opener for deer.  At the time I was sporting my awesome yearly goatee, which my wife loves. (ok she hates it, but ?‍♂️).  At first, I thought it was a zit and tried popping it, when that didn’t work, I got stubborn like most guys, and took a finger clipper to it.  Two days later, it was clear that it was not happy and responded with all this black nastiness growing out of it. That’s when I knew something wasn’t right and finally decided to go to the doctor, only to find out I had skin cancer. So, I totally understand the impacts of sun damage and how scary hearing the “C” word can be.

We all know the importance of wearing sunblock to reduce and eliminate the power of the suns damaging UVA and UVB light rays for when we are out at the beach, the pool, out on the boat or just doing yard work around the house.  And, if you’re not, protecting yourself it’s only a matter of time before you will be met with the harsh realty of a doctor telling you that you have cancer.

However, even with all this knowledge, sunscreen is all too often forgotten or never considered as something we should wear when we are in the woods or on the Ice. Why is this? Is it because of potential odor, maybe? But they make sunscreen that doesn’t smell.  Is it because of ego, very likely? Is it because we forget, or has it never crossed your mind? Possibly.

Either way, start, start wearing it now!  As outdoor enthusiast you are outside enjoying God’s creation for HOURS on end, exposed to the power of the sun for most of it and it’s time that you (we) start taking this seriously.  If you are afraid of the smell, just be sure you get odorless.

In my next blog post will be discussing the concealment benefits of wearing sunscreen, the why it works and why it’s important that you use it while in the woods… Trust me, you going to want to read more on this one.

Thanks for reading, until next time.  Abandon Everything and Be RLVNT….

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