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A special thanks to our amazing team of Pro Staff members. 

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Pro Staff
Raymond Tiffany

Born and raised in the heart of the ice belt, Central Wisconsin, Ray is no new comer to the outdoors. At any given time, you will most likely find Ray hunting, fishing, or working on one project or another. Ray has competed in both fishing and archery at many state, national, and even world levels throughout his career. Representing some of the finest companies in the game through his multiple social media sources, 52 published articles, and multiple televised appearances. Ray is known for his up front, in your face honesty,  digging into the science of hunting and fishing, to implement the special twist he puts on everything he does, to truly make it his own style.

Pro Staff
Scott Olson

I live in Rapid City in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.  I'm an avid outdoorsman and love hiking, fishing, and hunting, but my absolute outdoor passion is ice fishing. I believe that we are stewards of the outdoors and need to protect our fishing resources for future generations to enjoy so I have partnered with several businesses in the fishing industry who believe this as well, including RLVNT.  I volunteer to lead group ice fishing outings for our airmen and women stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base here in Rapid City as well as with a regional veteran's organization called Casting Vets. As far as believing in a product, you can't get any better eyewear for the outdoors than with a pair of RLVNT glasses! 

Pro Staff
Shaun Cox

My name is Shaun Cox. I currently live in Big Lake MN. I was born in Illinois where I was brought outdoors, fishing and hunting at a very young age. At the age of 12 my father moved to northern Wisconsin where my love for the outdoors continued to grow. Fast forward 15 years and you'd find me moving to Ottertail/Becker County Minnesota area. That's where my love for ice fishing continued to grow yearly until this very date. I have fished all over the Midwest but my love for Minnesota's lakes, rivers and woods will keep me here for life. I am beyond happy to represent the RLVNT LIFE and also cannot wait to meet all of you and continue to help this brand grow!

Pro Staff
Ryan Rose

Ryan Rose grew up in rural Gaylord, Minnesota and had a passion for fishing all his life, ever since his family vacation to the Black Duck area, Big Panfish and Northern Pike, were his favorite to catch. He is currently on his 4th year on the Clam Outdoors Pro Staff, along with Vexilar and just recently joined Northland Fishing Tackle promo team. Ryan is married to Whitley where they have two children, a boy named Mckoy that’s 4 years old, and a 2 year old girl named Kohyn. McKoy loves fishing like his daddy, and has already been catching fish through the ice! It won’t be long until his daughter will be too!

Pro Staff
Michael Tietjen

My name is Mike Tietjen, greetings from South Dakota! I have been involved with the fishing industry over the past 13 years through various television shows, print, social media and guiding. I started filming with “Wild Dakota Outdoor Television” in 2008 and haven’t looked back. I find educating through television fulfilling and rewarding. I recently opened a Fishing Pro Shop called “JT Outdoors Pro Shop” and it has been an incredible success.  I’m very proud to offer RLVNT products as one of the high end products offered in the Pro Shop. 

Pro Staff
Mike Reimann Jr

Growing up in central Minnesota, Mike Jr took a love to pan fishing at a young age.  Introduced at 3 years old and never looked back. Mike enjoys fishing the hard water tournament circuits and getting out with friends to wet a line when he can.  He has his own fishing group and is the President of North State Fishing.

Pro Staff
Ed Stachowski

Ed Stachowski has been an outdoorsman since he could walk. He's taken his passion for the outdoors and became a touring professional walleye angler. A fierce competitor qualifying for every Professional Walleye Championship since 2012, winning an Angler Of The Year title, and in the Top Ten career for earnings and checks in National Walleye Tour.  In the off season he continues to grow the sport with seminars and speaking engagements around the country.

Pro Staff
Isabelle Krawiecki

She may be young, but she can definitely hold her own in the outdoors! Isabelle “Izzy” Krawiecki is a Minnesota native with a solid reputation for putting giants in the boat, birds on the ground, and deer in the freezer. A self made growing social media superstar, her goal is simple… To show the world that a young woman can make it and be just as successful in the outdoors as anyone else, and she is well on her way! Izzy represents some of the finest players in the game, such as Clam Outdoors, Co-Director of S2S Outdoors, and proudly RLVNT

Pro Staff
Mitch Daun

Born with a passion for the outdoors, Mitch Daun is an avid fisherman that competes in walleye tournaments regionally. He is from the Green Bay, WI area where he guides part-time. He has enthusiastically donated his time to events that expose children and veterans to the outdoors.  When he is not on the water, Mitch is either in the tree stand with his bow, calling in a big ol’ gobbler in the hardwoods, or walking a grass field looking for pheasants with his bird dog, Mokka. 

Pro Staff
Matt Waldron

Professional Ice Fisherman and Guide

Member of The Crappie Chronicles

Located south of the Twin Cities Metro, Waldo spends his winters chasing giant panfish and hunting smallmouths in the boat all summer. Waldo’s preferred glasses are his prescription Green Chameleon Navigators.

Pro Staff
Mike Raetz

Fishing has always been a way of life for Mike Raetz and has consumed him since day one. He is a bit of a fish bum you could say. Mike is a Tournament Angler, Promoter, Owner and Operator of Mike Raetz Outdoors & Guide Service along with Bass Central Super 6 Tournament Series that Travels around the Central and Western Part of Minnesota. Mike Has been featured in Articles, Shows and Radio including Jason Micthell Outdoors, Dakota Country Magazine, The 4 Outdoorsman and more. 

Pro Staff
Devon Mullenbach

Devon AKA Outdoor Dev! is a huge outdoor enthusiast! She spends most of her time on the water or ice almost year round except for when she is either chasing waterfowl, turkeys or deer! Dev is a pro staff member for Slayer duck calls, Chippewa river custom rods, stone tackle and now… Team RLVNT!

Pro Staff
Chris Berglund

I grew up in Northern Minnesota where fishing is a lifestyle here and I was fortunate to learn from some great anglers growing up. As I got older I decided to check out the walleye tournament scene and have since competed in Aim Weekend Walleye Series, Master Walleye Circuits and various local Minnesota tournaments as well as Co-angled in the National Walleye Tour! 2021 I competed in my first NWT event on the Pro side and haven't looked back since! In 2022 I will be chasing the whole Pro Tour and hoping I can make the qualifying cut for the championship!

Pro Staff
Caleb Wistad

My name is Caleb Wistad. Growing up in the small town of Spooner, WI, my upbringing was steeped in the outdoor experience. Ever since I could follow my dad around through the woods or the water, I have been obsessed with fishing, hunting and trapping. I still live here in Northwest Wisconsin with my lovely wife Morgan and 8-year-old son Jackson. I fish both open water and on the ice in such places as the Great Lakes, the Mississippi River and many inland lakes, streams, rivers and reservoirs, annually targeting over 30 different species of fish here in Wisconsin.  I am committed to discovering new and unique ways to efficiently and consistently put patterns together to catch more fish.

Pro Staff
Ryan Kieke

My name is Ryan Kieke. I am from Cold Spring, Minnesota. Introduced to fishing at an early age by my dad and grandpa, I took it and ran with it, fishing every chance I get. I started the Fishing team at ROCORI High School and fish tournaments across the state even qualifying for nationals down in Pickwick Alabama. I started a tackle company “Mossy Creek Tackle” and make hand poured plastics and rods. In the fall I enjoy chasing waterfowl with my Dog, Saige, sitting in the deer stand or walking the fields for pheasants.

Pro Staff
Aidan Hansen

Hello my name is Aidan Hansen I’m 22 and originally from Wisconsin, moved up to Saint Cloud to fish for the SCSU bass team here in Minnesota and I’m chasing the dream to make it on tour!

Pro Staff
Dave Karp

I've spent my entire life outdoors and exploring around and on Lake Minnetonka. This truly instilled a passion for anything outdoors and the lake life. Fast forward to buying my first boat and the following year joining a Ice Fishing league with a buddy. I joined just so I was committed to getting out a few times a winter but something clicked. Our first tournament showed me what true anglers are capable of catching. On that day I saw a 2lb crappie and a few 1.5 lbers too. I continue to fish in Ultimate Panfish League all winter, and a few open water tournaments as well. I have been blessed with great friendships and mentoring in the industry, so I am forever going to pay it forward. 

Pro Staff
Amy Musinger

My name is Amy Munsinger and I am enjoying life in the outdoors. Living in Minnesota gives me lots of opportunities for bass fishing on the open water, hunting geese & green necks in the fall and targeting multi species on the hard water in the winter months. My favorite RLVNT glasses are my scout frames with the freshwater green and the brown concealment lens. I wear them not only on the water, in the blind and when I ride my motorcycle too. Tight lines….

Pro Staff
Maria Stevenson

I live with my family about 15 mins south of Mille Lacs Lake. I love all things outdoors but my addiction is fishing. Mainly hard water but I am up for any adventure. I am super addicted to the amazing RLVNT shades. I have multiple pairs and can not WAIT for the new women’s frames to come out!

Pro Staff
Jay Johnson

I was born and raised in St.Paul the majority of my life, as a youngster we used to go fishing and camping every weekend on little carnelian near Stillwater. Unfortunately at a young age my father passed away, after that I didn’t get into the outdoors very often until I was about 28 years old and around 4 years after I met my wife. Fast forward 4 years and I grinded out 1000 subscribers on YouTube, gained over 10k followers on Instagram and have made a ton of new friends within the fishing industry. Let’s not forget the small boat group I put together called tiny boats of Minnesota.

Pro Staff
Jack Kwiatek

My love & passion for the outdoors started at a very young age. With the help of my father always taking me camping, hunting & fishing. As I grew older my passion for fishing grew stronger which led me to competing in local bass tournaments & FLW events. But, my biggest passion is ice fishing predominantly chasing giant perch! My other passion is working with the industries top companies and promoting products I truly believe in. 

Pro Staff
Matt Stewart

My name is Matthew Stewart. I hale from the great Northern Wisconsin twin ports area! I was introduced to the outdoors when I was about 5 years old by my uncle and grandfather and have been “hooked" ever since! My specialty is walleye and crappie, well…any species is a bonus to me. I have one son who loves to fish with me on my boat and a springer spaniel pup. I am very honored to be representing the best sunglass company on the market! RLVNT!!

Tight lines!

Pro Staff
Tyler Ray

My name is Tyler Ray and I live in Windsor CO. Originally from southeast NE. My passion for the outdoors started at a very young age. Living near a small creek, fishing was a daily adventure. By the time high school was out, fishing was the only thing I wanted to do. Fast forward 20 years and I’m now blessed to represent some of the top brands in the outdoor industry. Helping others peruse their dreams in the outdoors is a very rewarding feeling. The futures so bright I have to wear RLVNT shades!

Pro Staff
Jimmy Stevenson

I grew up in central Minnesota with a love for the outdoors. In 2015 our family moved to the Mille lacs lake area and now call that our forever home. This area has always been near and dear to my heart. It offers great opportunities for hunting and fishing of all kinds. I spend my time on the lake fishing if I’m not working. If the fish aren’t hitting I run around doing winter sports shows for Clam, RLVNT and Fish House 360 market place. Sharing my love for the outdoors by networking and providing outdoor experiences to the young and less able are my most cherished times (Outside of Family time of course). A husband and father of 3 keeps me busy and the bait bill high!

Pro Staff
Casey Wagner

My name is Casey Wagner. I live in Rice, MN. The outdoors have been a passion of mine since I was a young kid. I have traveled the country hunting and fishing, but Minnesota always calls me home. The last couple of years I have enjoyed guiding for a variety of game. To see peoples excitement when they get what they are after is amazing. I look forward to pass my passion and knowledge on to my kids. Watching the next generation learn the outdoors is what it’s all about. Remember to make memories not excuses!

Pro Staff
Scott Merwin

Scott Merwin is owner of Lake Osakis Guide Service, where he has logged thousands of hours on the water and ice. Scott is a multi-species angler, although his specialized species is: Walleye, Crappie and Sunfish. While catching fish is a top priority when guiding clients, Scott wants to make each trip a learning experience to ensure that his clients leave with more than just fish in their cooler, but they leave with tips and techniques that will put more fish in their boat long after the end of their guide trip.

Scott is on the pro staff teams of Clam Outdoors, Lowrance and Blackfish. He has been featured in media outlets such as the Star Tribune, Outdoor News, Jason Mitchell Outdoors, Lindy Fish Ed and WCCO TV’s Goin’ to the Lake Series.

Pro Staff
Chad Harmon

Chad Harmon, born and raised in SE Ohio. 

Hello all! I run Ohio Muskie Guide Service Ohiomuskie.com. I've been fishing for these tooth critters since I was 12 years old and have been addicted to catching them since. I love to put clients, friends and especially my two kids on catching these fish! There's nothing more enjoyable than watching someone catch their first trophy musky. Using the Chameleon technology from RLVNT allows me to pick out a following musky behind my bait with ease cutting through the glare on the water and execute a figure 8 to get them to commit boat-side. I love to spend time with my family outdoors enjoying the spectacular things the good Lord made for us to enjoy!

Pro Staff
Stephanie Lawson

I live on Clearwater Lake in Annandale MN and I enjoy fishing with as many anglers as I possibly can who share this great passion! In addition, I am a competitive angler for the MN Bass Tour and a co-angler for the Prior Lake Hooksetters. I also dabble in some multi-species tournaments both ice and open water. Generally, when I’m not fishing… oh wait, I’m always fishing. 😉

Pro Staff
Cody Shaw

My name is Cody Shaw; I’m a Bass and Ice fishing tournament angler. I currently live in a little rural community called Rosendale WI, with my beautiful wife and daughter. I’ve been an avid outdoorsman ever since I was a young boy. Both my father and step father have played a huge role in fueling the fire that burns inside me today. I started competing in small club bass tournaments when I was 12, and haven’t looked back since. My drive and passion to compete is still the same as that young 12 year old boy. I can not wait to continue chasing my dreams, especially with the support of great companies like RLVNT!

Pro Staff
Trigg Roach

My name is Trigg Roach owner of TR Guide Service for the lakes of Crow Wing County MN.

I’ve been wanting to be a fishing guide ever since I was 10 years old. When I was camping with my family, there was a guy fishing at the end of the dock and my dad told me I should take him out fishing, so I did. We went out in my 12’ Lund and fished in a little bay catching Blue Gills. I made my first $20. Ever since that day I knew I wanted to be a guide. Growing up, I fished at the local dam catching walleyes and on the smaller lakes fishing for anything that would bite, honing my skills, to fulfill my life- long dream of being a fishing guide. In 2018, I started TR Guide Service. I love teaching folks how to enhance their fishing skills. Seeing them catch fish drives me to be a better fisherman.