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RLVNT sunwear has durable frames ready to be
outfitted with any of our innovative technologies
that will help you in the field or on the water.
Our technology.

RLVNT Sunglasses will get you back in the field and on the water.

NEW! Patterned Coating

We are releasing our proprietary Patterned Coating Technology. Our patterns will make a statement from the front but are completely invisible to the wearer.

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Our Freshwater coating provides a superior visual experience on the water by eliminating glare and enhancing either brown or green objects in the water.

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Our Concealment coating is part of our outdoor solutions that provides concealment in the field by absorbing UV and avoiding flaring or reflection.  

Concealment Technology >

Concealment is king.

Be confident that your concealment is complete and your position is protected so you can focus on the hunt.

Words from the field.

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Walleye Dan
Chameleon + Concealment
“These things are incredible. Everything is so clear. They put my Oakley’s to shame.”
T.J. Goodpasture
Chameleon + Concealment
“If you’re looking for some fantastic eyewear, check these out. My gray lenses are the best lenses I’ve ever had for sunglasses and I’m super picky ever since I had lasik.”
Nathan Sanoski
Chameleon + Concealment
Best, most versatile glasses I've ever wore. They give me the edge whether on the water or in the stand.
Your very own.

Stylish eyewear for your need in the field or on the water.

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Field Life