Reload with RLVNT Lenses

Frames you love are like a great-fitting pair of jeans. You have your favorite brand and we get it. We know you’ll fall in love with these elite lenses. Made with science, passion, and the ever-important voice of the outdoor community.


What to Expect

  • Choose your frames

  • Choose Plano or Prescription

  • Select your RLVNT coating

  • Input your payment

  • We’ll follow up with an email that contains your packing slip

  • Attach the packing slip to the box containing your frames*



      • Can I use non-name brand frames?
        • Yes!  As long as the frame touches all sides of the lens!
      • What’s the average turnaround time?
        • Each case is unique.  We will do our best to communicate with you if it will take longer than our average time of two weeks.
      • Can you refill all frames?
        • Not at this time.  For a pair of sunglasses to be eligible the frame must touch all sides of the lens.  For example, aviators would qualify, whereas a Pit Viper frame would not.
      • What if I need a prescription?
      • What is the warranty on Reload products?
        • RLVNT will not accept broken or compromised frames for our Reload program.
      • What is RLVNT’s Frame Disclaimer?
      • Who do I contact with additional questions?