Lens Care



Taking Care Of Your Eyeglasses: Your Lenses

When it comes to caring for your eyeglasses, there’s a rule that, if followed, will give you years of optimum performance from your glasses: If they’re not on your face, keep them in a case. Simple, right? Or easier said than done?

We know as well as you do that many of us don’t always use a solid case to store our prescription glasses, That being the case, here are some lens care maintenance tips that are convenient as well as useful in taking care of your glasses and sunglasses for a long time to come.

Lens Cleaning And Protecting Your Eyeglasses.

To wash your prescription eyeglass lenses, eyecare professionals suggest you gently rub your lenses clean with your fingers using warm, soapy water. Rinse the lenses and then pat them dry with a clean, soft cloth. Many optical suppliers sell ultra-fine, machine-washable microfiber lens cleaning cloths that trap dirt and dust. So try to avoid rubbing prescription lenses with rags, facial tissues or paper towels or your tie or scarf as all of these can scratch your lenses. Also, avoid using household cleaners, acetone or soaps with cream—as chemicals may damage your frames, your lenses, lens treatments and coatings.

A Strong Case For Storage.

Never leave prescription glasses unprotected in a purse, jacket pocket or bag. To repeat, nothing beats a sturdy protective case for preventing scratches on your lenses or even more serious damage to your lenses and frames. Proper storage also helps to keep your prescription eyeglasses clean.

A Little TLC Goes A Long Way.

You say you don’t always use the case? Imagine that. If setting your glasses on a table or desk, it’s best to close your frames first before laying them down. Also:

  • Always set them frame-side down to avoid scratching the lenses.
  • The floor is never a good place to leave your glasses.
  • When in the bathroom, remember: A sink or vanity top subjects your glasses to all manner of spatters, sprays and cosmetic products which can quickly soil or even damage your lenses.
  • Never leave your glasses or sunglasses lying out in the hot sun or on the dash or console of your car.
  • Don’t tip your glasses back on your head. The frames can become misaligned when you do this, affecting the way you see through your lenses.