Quarantine and Chill

   Quarantine and chill!  

One of the top three phrases for 2020 so far is quarantine and chill. It is in times like these that we are encouraged to binge-watch our favorite shows and movies. Take it from the master of isolation himself, couch time is a good time. But if you are wanting to do more with your time spent indoors, here is a list of things you can do while isolating.

  • Binge your favorite shows. Of course, this is the easy button. But if you are like me at all, this is going to get old fast. I find myself searching out other things to watch that can help me like HGTV or watching the outdoor channels.
  • Take inventory of the hunting gear you have. Get rid of anything you haven’t or won’t use in the future. Make a list of things you need and purchase whatever you can online. This is a great way to support small businesses who desperately need your support through this time of social distancing.
  • Take on a new hobby. Find things that you’ve always wanted to learn to do and build your own “YouTube University”. Become an expert by searching out relevant content that pertains to the activity that interests you.
  • Home improvements. Whether it is adding some texture to a wall or painting the interior of a room or the whole house, get those projects done while you have this precious time. Don’t forget to let the kids help. This is a great way to teach them life lessons.
  • The great purge! It is a great time to go through your belongings and see what you can get rid of. Now that I have my RLVNT Sunwear, I can donate my old sunglasses to a charity.
  • If you have a large family, you could organize a talent show. What a fun and interactive way to spend family time. Build a stage and get creative.
  • Take online tours. There are a lot of museums that are hosting virtual tours. Who knew you could get some sophistication from your couch? My kids have been enjoying Google earth to learn where specific animals are from. Also touring the great wall of china and seeing the Grand Canyon. You could also use it to scope out some great spots for future hunts!
  • Look for ways to improve your hunting skills and abilities. Clean your guns, maintain your bow, or dial in a new call style.
  • Fishing organization. Make sure you are keeping your reels in good working order. Look at your tackle and fly boxes and see what you can get rid of and what you need. Clean your angling gear so it is in good working order. Clean your glasses too. See the proper care instructions.


Quarantine and chill

As you investigate ways to spend your time in isolation, remember that mental health is as important as physical health. Make sure you are staying engaged in social media, friends, and family to have some sense of normalcy while social distancing. Utilize online tools like zoom and skype to stay involved in work, family, and friends. Be sure to tag us on social pages when you are chillin’ in your RLVNT gear!

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