4 square with Sasquatch

Let’s Play 4 Square with Sasquatch!

The CDC and WHO has instructed us to self-isolate during the Covid 19 pandemic while still maintaining a healthy exercise routine and getting outdoors. Sasquatch always enjoys a fun game of 4 square with his wildlife friends. If you draw your boxes big enough (6-8 feet squared), you can even play this game while social distancing 6 feet apart from your friends and family!

Not familiar with 4 square? Here’s how you play!

There are a lot of outdoor “playground” games that are great for getting some activity outside. You could play wall ball, put on those old roller skates or blades and roll around town. A few others that I have found while trying to occupy my kids time is hopscotch, tag and red rover. You can also tie a ball to a tree and play some tether ball. As kids are home from school, we are seeing that we lack certain playground equipment so my kids have really enjoyed learning the “vintage” games of years past and I am enjoying learning some of the new ones that they have shared with me. We were even able to snag a couple of jump ropes on Amazon so we have been learning all kind of jump rope games that I thought I had long forgotten. Click here for a list of fun ideas to play outside with your family.

b ball with bigfoot

The possibilities are endless. The main thing to take away from this blog is that we need to get outside and why not bring back some childhood nostalgia while we’re at it? No matter what game you choose to play outside, it’s also important that you wear your RLVNT sunwear especially in the spring as the light conditions vary! Choose the right color for your visual needs. Be sure to tag us in your social posts so we can see how you are using April as your 30 days to go play!

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