It is easy to feel cooped up and isolated during the COVID pandemic. And if you are feeling this way, you’re doing something right! With social distancing a priority, we need to get creative in how we spend our time outdoors. The master of isolation (aka Sasquatch) knows the benefits of getting outside and hiking.  This has been his go-to activity for years! Lately though, there has been some challenges in going to his favorite spots due to quarantine regulations. To see where you can go, click here.

Here are some tips to get you to go play or hike outside.

  • Find easy hikes. I know we all like to push the limit with what we can physically accomplish but during the COVID crisis, we need to rethink that. With the limited access to medical facilities and hospitals, be sure to search out local walking trails and nature hikes that are still available to the public. Make sure they aren’t too advanced of a hike for your skill levels.
  • Keep the hike between you and the people you are quarantined with. Be sure to keep 6 feet distance from any passing hiker.
Social Distancing
  • Bring RLVNT sunglasses on your hike. This ties back to the need to keep hospital beds open and available for those in need and to not expose yourself to the virus. By wearing sunglasses, you can easily asses the trail and avoid injury through your sense of sight. Try the Chameleon lens for the best light changing technology. This lens will adjust to the natural light providing you with optimal visual acuity, all while you are unaware that it is doing its job.
  • Keep your hands clean. Most hiking trails don’t always have a place to wash your hands so be sure to bring some hand sanitizer with you and keep those hands clean and away from your face. If you are a respectful lover of nature, be sure to clean up any garbage you find along your hike. Just be mindful of what you touch and clean your hands afterward appropriately. Also keep that in mind when touching the cap of your water bottle, cell phone, and other item you bring on your hike.
  • If you go out of town to hike, don’t shop there. Bring your own stuff. The smaller towns are really struggling with out-of-towners buying their towns necessity items such as toilet paper, hand soap, and dry goods. Be a good neighbor to these small towns and buy in your local stores.
Hiking with Bigfoot

We are all trying to do our best to go out and play! As we investigate outdoor activities, don’t forget to bring your sunglasses with you as you hit the trail. It can help tremendously as you survey the trail and the natural beauty that you will find yourself surrounded by. Be sure to tag us and share your experience in your RLVNT sunglasses on social media! No take this time to go play outside!

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