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We are seeing record breaking unemployment during the covid pandemic. Through this tragic reality though, we are also seeing beautiful stories of people helping other people by getting their neighbors groceries if they are immune compromised or celebrities doing some good for other less fortunate people. These stories lift our spirits and help us to know that humanity is generally good despite all the depressing news stories out there.

The history of a “food bank” can be tracked back to the ancient story of a great famine in Egypt and the price who fed people with food he had stored in a large room. The modern food bank is not much different. The modern food bank is normally seen as a warehousing operation that collects food donations from local supermarkets, individual donors and other nonprofit organizations. Then distributing the food to those in need from their warehouse shelves. The first food bank in the United States was formed by a man named John Van Hengel in 1967 after he observed a single mother with 10 children after her husband was sent to death row. He went on to create a distribution network capable of storing potentially wasted food to now go to homes that needed it. That turned into a national warehouse and distribution platform that is now feeding 23 million Americans annually.

Through the 1970’s other food banks cropped up and by the 1980’s they were in full swing. The 80’s were commonly referred to as the “decade of greed” as the economy was roaring but during this time, people were opening their pocketbooks to help those in need like they never have before. It was during this time that fueled the food banks to keep fighting the good fight and it became a national platform. 

As we look at the times we are in, one might wonder “what can I do to help?” One thing you can do right now to help those in needs is to support your local food bank. This service is proving to be essential to a lot of families in need and they need our support now more than ever.

  • Start a fundraiser on social media that will ask your friends to donate. Its not just for birthdays anymore!


  • Host a virtual dinner party and ask your friends to cook their favorite meal but also ask them to donate the ingredients they used to their local food bank.


  • Get your kids involved. Kids love helping people and their family. Ask them to help gather some goods to donate and go with you to drop them off. Most food banks are offering drive through service in an effort to keep everyone still quarantined. This is a great way to get out of the house and do some good. Don’t forget to take your sunglasses with you as you are out and about in the spring sunshine.

Now is the time to get involved with local charities to help feed your local community. It is our time to give back and lift up those in need through feeding them and offering support in their struggle. Please donate and be sure to tag us on social pages so we can see the good deeds everyone is doing. We love to see those feel good stories! Keep em comin!

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