As a turkey hunter, think about all the gear, tools and gadgets you have and bring on a hunt to ensure success in the field.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Probably your trusted shotgun or bow. Can’t get very far without that and the memories that come with it.

Now think about the calls you use – all your mouth calls, your slate, plus the treasured box call your grandfather passed down to you. Oh, and the crow and owl calls too. How about decoys? You probably have two different hens, a Jake, and a strutting Tom. Then there’s your blinds. One for stationary hunting, one for running and gunning, and that one you use for your sneak attacks.

You’re decked out in the best and coolest gear. All the bells and whistles – your outerwear is waterproof, non-UV reflecting, and thermal with the perfect patterns for every season. You’ve got the moisture-wicking underclothing, the camo pants in tech fabrics and a collection of warm hoodies from your favorite brands. Finally, the boots. Your all-purpose 1200 Thinsulate go-tos plus the rubber boots for those hunts in wet, rainy conditions. You’re good to go and ready for anything the hunt throws at you. Right?

You most likely have forgotten about your number one asset.

Well if you’re like most of the 2.2 million turkey hunters in the US, probably not.  You most likely have forgotten about your number one asset in the field…your eyes. Look, I get it and it’s not your fault. It’s a blind spot (literally) that’s never been addressed. No one is talking about it because no one has invested in you and your eyes as a hunter and outdoor enthusiast. Which is unfortunate, I mean we’re talking about your number one asset and without a functional solution, you must look down or away – taking your eyes off the prize as they approach your setup. Which is just crazy. It makes zero sense! You should be using your eyes with zero worries of being busted and flaring birds by exposing yourself with eye movement and/or UV reflection.
Why is this? Why haven’t you invested in your number one asset? Likely it’s because until now there hasn’t been an outdoor company that fully understands the eyecare industry, and how it can deliver functional optical solutions to you the outdoor enthusiast. That is until now.

RLVNT is made up of optical professionals and fellow outdoor enthusiasts who are committed to you.  We have specially formulated a concealment frame and lens system just for you, the turkey hunter. It’s an optical solution specifically designed to give you the absolute best visual system for all lighting conditions. Ensuring you aren’t wasting your most valuable asset, your eyes. But rather using it to put more birds on the ground and enjoy your time in the woods even more.

Now’s the time

If you haven’t invested in your number one asset yet, well now’s the time.  I encourage you to review the number of different frame and lenses options we have, so you can get back your number one asset and put you in the best position to succeed.

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