We’ve all been there.

It’s early morning and the fog is just starting to lift. You’ve been communicating with your target Tom for the past hour and he’s making his way toward your decoy. Your heart is racing in anticipation but you remain perfectly still while he comes into range. At 50 yards he puts on a show and soon he’s in full strut walking side-to-side. When he turns to the right his back is toward you and you know this is your chance. You slowly raise your perfectly sighted in shotgun. It’s loaded with the latest Longbeard XP ammo and you are so ready to jelly-face a big ol’ Tom. But when he turns back around to face your setup, it all goes pear-shaped. He stops and slowly moves out. He doesn’t fly away or sprint out, just edges away from you.

You watch that Tom leisurely saunter out of sight and wonder what you did wrong. I bet I know what’s going through your head:

“My setup was perfect! Did I call too much? Not enough? I’m a seasoned hunter! I’ve shot dozens of birds! My concealment is locked in and I know he didn’t see me.”

I hate to break it to you, but he saw you.

Concealment is King

Hunters understand that when it comes to success in the field, concealment is king. Without it we don’t stand a chance. Luckily, there’s a ton of great gear and products out there to help us stay hidden. However, one area has never been addressed and it’s why you’re still flaring birds despite your painstaking concealment efforts: optical lenses and the way they reflect ultraviolet light.

All optical surfaces (eyeglasses, binoculars, scopes, etc.) reflect UV light. And not just a little. We don’t notice because humans can’t see in the UV spectrum, but many animals do. Turkey and waterfowl see UV very well. Your target Tom’s ability to see in the UV range helps him find a mate, forage for food, and detect prey – including you.

RLVNT’s Concealment coating technology allows nearly 99% of all visible light to enter the eye, enhancing your vision. That alone is a huge benefit, but it gets better. Unlike all the other optical surfaces reflecting UV into the field, lenses treated with Concealment technology actually absorbs UV and provide a complete disguises of your position.


The problem:

All optical surfaces reflect UV. This is a huge issue. Many animals, like turkey, see in the UV spectrum and use it for survival. Reflecting UV into the field puts you at a big risk of giving up your position in the field.

The solution:

RLVNT’s Concealment coating technology. It’s specifically formulated to absorb light in the UV spectrum. At the same time, it enhances the visible light entering your eye so you have better vision.

Why is this important?

Because UV, when reflected, looks white and will give up your position in the field. UV that is absorbed appears black and improves your concealment.

Stop Flaring Turkey. Get Concealment technology.

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