Fishing with Bigfoot

One of Sasquatch’s favorite things to do is go fishing! What a perfect opportunity to go fishing while we social distance during the COVID (coronavirus) quarantine. Sasquatch likes to do all kinds of angling. From fly fishing to bass fishing, there is no shortage of fish to be caught. One thing that frustrates him while on the rivers and lakes is the glare that is cast off the surface of the water. Water acts as a mirror to the sky which can be pretty bright and cause serious glare and eye fatigue. Not to mention it acts as camouflage to the fish under the surface. In your RLVNT eyewear, we provide you with a glare busting polarized lens solution as the baseline. Polarized lenses cut any reflected glare from reaching your eye so you can see right through it. The graphic below helps visually explain how polarized lenses work. 

Polarized lenses

As we are fishing, we want to cut through the reflected light to be able to see the bottom of the river or lake and look for where to cast our line. This will dramatically improve your fishing abilities. This is also a benefit when driving as it can help you react 20% quicker than those without sun protection. Being able to see the road and obstacles clearly can significantly improve your ability to drive safely.


RLVNT also has the benefit of Trivex lenses which are impact resistant. This is important no matter what activity you enjoy. Driving, hiking, fishing all carry a risk of injury and by wearing your RLVNT sunglasses, you are protecting your eyes not only from injury but if you do fall in a way that would hit your face, your lenses will not shatter and cause secondary injury to your eyes, face and the delicate skin around your eyes.



fishing with Sasquatch

Let’s not forget vanity! By wearing sunglasses, we squint less which prevent wrinkles. Also, the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and is susceptible to skin cancers. By wearing UV blocking sunglasses, like RLVNT, you are protecting your skin around your eyes from skin cancers. The benefits of wearing RLVNT sunglasses is immeasurable.


We encourage you to pursue reasonable and responsible fishing activities and keep fishing any open sites. Make sure you check to make sure your favorite watering hole is open before making the journey out.  To find what your state is doing under the new restrictions, click here. Be sure to tag us while you are out fishing and tell us what you think of your RLVNT sunwear!


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