Bass Exterminator Bundle


Introducing the Bass Exterminator’s Trio – a handpicked selection of lures meticulously chosen to enhance your bass fishing experience. Each lure brings a unique set of skills to the water, making it a versatile and effective addition to your tackle box.

1. **2.5” VIP SQB, Black Basecoat, Green:**
The 2.5” VIP SQB is your finesse player, sporting a black basecoat with a vivid green accent. Its compact size and realistic design make it an excellent choice for enticing bass in various conditions. The lifelike action of this lure is crafted to mimic the movements of natural prey, making it a go-to for strategic casting.

2. **Lily Walker, Black Basecoat, Pink:**
Make a statement on the water with the Lily Walker. Its black basecoat and vibrant pink hues create a visual allure that’s hard for bass to resist. This topwater lure is specifically designed to mimic the motions of fleeing prey, making it an ideal choice for early mornings and late evenings when bass are most active near the surface.

3. **4.5” Jerk Bait, Black Basecoat, Blue:**
Dive deep into bass territory with the 4.5” Jerk Bait, featuring a black basecoat complemented by striking blue accents. Its versatility shines as it delivers a lifelike swimming action, imitating wounded prey. This lure is your ticket to success, whether you prefer a fast-paced retrieve or a slow and steady approach.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, each lure in this bundle is engineered for maximum effectiveness. The black basecoat provides a neutral canvas, allowing the standout green, pink, and blue accents to grab the attention of discerning bass. From finesse tactics to topwater thrills, this bundle covers all the bases, giving you a diverse set of tools to tackle different bass fishing scenarios.

Elevate your bass fishing game with the Bass Exterminator’s Trio. These lures are more than just bait – they’re strategic allies for every angler looking to up their game and reel in more unforgettable catches.