Bane of Ice Bundle


The Bane of Ice Bundle – a powerhouse collection of ice fishing lures that form the cornerstone of your tackle box, always poised to conquer the frozen frontiers. Whether you’re a novice exploring the world of ice fishing or a seasoned angler seeking reliable go-tos, these lures are your frozen allies.

  1.  Slab Spoon, Black Basecoat, Gold: The Slab Spoon, boasting a black basecoat with a touch of gold, is the epitome of versatility in the Bane of Ice Bundle. This lure stands as your steadfast companion for any ice fishing scenario. Its lifelike flutter emulates distressed prey, rendering it an irresistible temptation for various fish species, especially in the chilly depths. Whether you’re a newcomer to ice fishing or a seasoned veteran, this spoon is a game-changer.
  2. The Bullfrog, Black Basecoat, Green: Enter The Bullfrog, draped in black with a splash of green. This lure serves as the unsung hero of the Bane of Ice Bundle – straightforward, effective, and a bit of a charmer with its green allure. Ideal for enticing bites from a range of cold-water dwellers, whether you’re casting near frozen structures or across open ice expanses. The Bullfrog is your covert weapon for capturing the curiosity of ice-dwelling inhabitants.
  3. 1/8 oz Jigging Spoon, Black Basecoat, Blue: Meet the 1/8 oz Jigging Spoon in black with a hint of blue. This lure plays the finesse role on the icy stage. Small but mighty, it’s perfect for enticing fish with a subtle approach during frosty days. The blue accent adds a touch of intrigue, making it a standout choice for those times when fish are feeling selective in their icy environment.
  4. Moonlight Jig, Black Basecoat, Pink: The Moonlight Jig, adorned in black with a hint of pink, is the enchantress of icy waters. This lure excels at capturing the attention of various ice-dwelling species. Whether you’re fishing under the frozen moonlight or in the soft glow of dawn, this jig is your secret weapon for luring bites from curious fish.

Ready to embark on your icy fishing adventures with confidence? The Bane of Ice Bundle is your unwavering companion, offering the perfect blend of simplicity and effectiveness. Drop your line, and let this quartet work their magic – because sometimes, the essentials are all you need for a triumphant day on the ice.