The Original Fish Fight Bundle


The Fish Fight Bundle – a trio of lures that’s like the backbone of your tackle box, always ready to get the job done. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the fishing scene or you’re a seasoned angler looking for reliable go-tos, these lures have got your back.

  1. 3.5” Jerk Bait, Black Basecoat, Green: The 3.5” Jerk Bait is the MVP of versatility with its black basecoat and splash of green. It’s that one friend you can count on for any fishing scenario. The lifelike swimming action imitates wounded prey, making it irresistible to bass. This bait is a game-changer for both beginners and seasoned anglers alike.
  2. 1/8 oz Round  Ball Jigs, Pink: Say hello to the unsung hero of the Fishing Essentials Bundle – the 1/8 oz Round Ball Jigs in pink. Simple, effective, and a bit of a flirt with its pink hue, this jig is perfect for enticing bites from a variety of fish species. Whether you’re casting near cover or open water, this jig is your secret weapon for getting the attention of curious fish.
  3. 2.5” VIP SQUARE BILL, Black Basecoat, Red: The 2.5” VIP Square Bill in black with a touch of red is your finesse player. Small but mighty, it’s perfect for when you want to tempt bass with a more subtle approach. The red accent adds a hint of intrigue, making it a standout choice for those days when bass are feeling a bit picky.

Built with quality and functionality in mind, each lure in this bundle is designed to withstand the rigors of fishing while delivering results. The black basecoat across all three provides a classic touch, while the strategic pops of green, pink, and red add just the right amount of flair to attract attention.

Ready to embark on your fishing adventures with confidence? The Fish Fight Bundle is your trusty companion, offering the perfect blend of simplicity and effectiveness. Cast away, and let the trio do the talking – because sometimes, the essentials are all you need for a great day on the water.