Walleye Assassin Bundle


Introducing the Walleye Assassin’s Bundle – a lineup of lures that’ll have you speaking the language of Walleye fluently. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your Walleye adventures, this trio of lures covers all the bases to ensure your fishing days are nothing short of legendary.

  1. Hero Shad 9, Black Basecoat, Red: The Hero Shad 9 is your Walleye superhero, dressed in a sleek black basecoat with a bold red accent. This lure is designed to make waves underwater, capturing the attention of even the most discerning Walleye. With a lifelike action and attention-grabbing colors, the Hero Shad 9 is your go-to for enticing those elusive Walleye bites.
  2. Colorado 4 Double hook Spinner Rig, Gold: The Colo 4 Spinner Rig is the golden ticket to Walleye success. Its double hook design and shimmering gold color make it an irresistible temptation for Walleye on the hunt. This versatile rig is perfect for various fishing conditions, providing you with the flexibility to adapt to changing Walleye moods.
  3. ¼ oz Round Ball Jigs, Blue: Dive into the deep with the ¼ oz Rnd Jigs in a captivating blue hue. These jigs are your secret weapon for targeting Walleye in their favorite hiding spots. Whether you’re fishing in rocky structures or along the riverbed, the natural blue color of these jigs is sure to make an impression on even the most finicky Walleye.
  4. Flicker Shad 007, Natural: The Flicker Shad 007 is your silent operator in the Walleye world. With a natural color palette, this lure mimics the appearance of baitfish, fooling Walleye into striking. Its subtle yet effective design makes it a must-have in your arsenal for days when Walleye demand a more discreet approach.

Precision-crafted and engineered for success, each lure in the Walleye Assassin’s Bundle is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch performance. The carefully chosen colors and designs ensure that you have the right tool for every Walleye fishing scenario. So, gear up, cast away, and let the Walleye adventure begin – because with these lures, you’re not just fishing; you’re outsmarting the Walleye game.