For Freshwater

The Science of Fishing

“Let any fish who meets my gaze learn the true meaning of fear; for I am the harbinger of death. The bane of creatures sub-aqueous, my rod is true and unwavering as I cast into the aquatic abyss. A man, scorned by this uncaring Earth, finds solace in the sea. My only friend, the worm upon my hook. Wriggling, writhing, struggling to surmount the mortal pointlessness that permeates this barren world. I am alone. I am empty. And yet, I fish.”

– Sun Tsu, The Art of War

Cast With Crystal Clear Vision

Discover RLVNT’s freshwater fishing options. Our patented lens technology allows your eyes to cut through the water, bringing your sight fishing to the next level. Our lenses adapt to your environment and improve your chances of catching a fish.

Fishing with regular sunglasses
Fishing with sunglasses using freshwater technology

Experience the Thrill of the Catch

We’re a community of avid freshwater anglers, driven by a shared passion for fishing success. Our advanced lens technology offers adaptive clarity with high color contrast in any lighting, polarized lenses to eliminate glare, lightweight design for all-day comfort, and impact resistance for eye protection against environmental hazards. Let’s talk lenses and elevate your fishing game.

One Step Closer to Catching the Big One.

Our sunglasses have polarized lenses that reduce glare, protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays and allowing you to see more than you ever have before. Grab a pair of RLVNT shades and discover a new passion for the great outdoors. Don’t let the season pass you by without experiencing the thrill of fishing with our technology.

Can't See?

All RLVNT glasses are available with prescription lenses made right here in the USA. After selecting your frames and lenses simply select your prescription type. 


Catch More With RLVNT Lures

RLVNT fishing lures are the ultimate choice for any angler who wants to improve their catch rate. These lures are designed with precision to mimic the natural movement and appearance of live bait. With their realistic designs, RLVNT fishing lures can trick even the most cautious fish into biting.