For the Hunt

RLVNT Concealment Tech

“Turkeys? I loathe those wretched, feathered abominations! Their existence is an affront to God.”

– Lyndon Baines Johnson

Technology Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen

Full camouflage is extremely necessary for turkey hunting. A turkey may be as dumb as a rock, but its eyesight is unrivaled. And since your eyes, hands, and face reflect UV light, they are the most critical areas to cover. 

One of the most overlooked items of camouflage are sunglasses. Since turkey can see into the UV spectrum, the glare of your eyes could be giving you away; as well as the glare of your sunglasses. Our Concealment technology will combat both of those things. Conceal your eyes and stay hidden.

Fill Your Bag

Our sunglasses have polarized lenses that reduce glare, protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays and allowing you to see more than you ever have before. Grab a pair of RLVNT shades and discover a new passion for the great outdoors. Don’t let the season pass you by without experiencing the thrill of hunting with our technology.

Can't See?

All RLVNT glasses are available with prescription lenses made right here in the USA. After selecting your frames and lenses simply select your prescription type. 


Become Invisible

Pair RLVNT’s Concealment Tech with our Stealth Screen solution and become invisible to turkey, duck, deer, and other game.