Understanding your Prescription

Prescriptions are written in a few different ways. Understanding what your prescription says can be beneficial as you search out the right eyewear to fit your prescription and lifestyle needs.

OD & OS – These terms are abbreviations of Latin words meaning right eye and left eye. OD = Right and OS = Left.

Sphere – A standard Sphere (SPH) prescription simply means that you do not have an astigmatism. If you don’t have a number under the cylinder and axis, this just means you don’t have an astigmatism.

Three Numbers – A Spherical (SPH), Cylinder (CYL) and Axis are all required when you have an astigmatism correction. These numbers all work together to provide you with crisp clear vision if that is what the doctor has prescribed.

Prism – This is not something that is on every prescription, but if there is a prism included in your prescription, please reach out to us to assist you with your prescription sunglass order.

A typical prescription should look something like this…

Add power – This term simply means that you need a progressive lens which gives you distance vision as well as a blended bifocal that helps you focus at near distances. This is something the doctor will write on your prescription if you need it.

Helpful insight – Minus (-) prescriptions means you are nearsighted. Plus (+) prescriptions mean you are farsighted.

Why do we need a PD or Pupil Distance?

Every lens has an “Optical Center” which is where your prescription is in its purest form, free of any aberration and distortion. By making sure this measurement is correct, it will alleviate any potential eye strain and fatigue by placing the prescription in the correct place on the lens.