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The Secret to Elite Angling.

Catch More Fish

RLVNT fishing lures are the ultimate choice for any angler who wants to improve their catch rate. These lures are designed with precision to mimic the natural movement and appearance of live bait. With their realistic designs, RLVNT fishing lures can trick even the most cautious fish into biting. These lures are also made with durable materials that can withstand the harsh conditions of fishing, ensuring that they last for many fishing trips to come. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned angler, using RLVNT fishing lures can help you catch more fish and make your fishing experience more enjoyable.

RLVNT lures

Introducing Apex Technology

Ever wonder why walleyes love to bite at night? How can they see? Ever wonder how a salmon gets up a dirty river after living most of its life in the clear, blue ocean? Ever wonder how the water color a fish lives in affects its vision and how it sees a lure? 

We did too. 

Our team of science-nerds took a deep dive into this. For the past few years we’ve been working with fishing pros in the Midwest, guides in the Great Lakes region, and fishermen on the West Coast to create lures for the way fish see. The result: Apex Vision. We created lures that cause fish to bite, and bite aggressively. 

Tournament tested. 

Which Coating Is Right For Me?

    • Apex red –  Proven to entice reaction bites. This coating imitates bleeding bait fish so perfectly that the predator fish can’t resist. Predator red is the best color choice during algae blooms in late summer.
    • Apex gold – Unlike the standard gold in every fisherman’s arsenal, Predator Vision Gold has brought fishing to a whole new level. This coating resembles a school of bait fish minnows. Predator Vision Gold is hands down the new gold standard. 
    • Apex pink –  Gives off an undeniably shiny pink reflection. This is one of the most popular walleye lure colors to attract predator fish from a distance. Predator Pink works well in clear and stained water conditions.
    • Apex blue – In dark stained water blue outperforms other colors.
      Predator vision technology enhances fishes’ ability to see in murky or stained water conditions with low light.
    • Apex green – One of the best colors to use on any lake. It resembles young of the year perch, which makes up most of a walleye’s appetite. The green reflection has proven to work best in spring and early summer in both clear and stained water. 
  • Natural  – Gives off a more natural presentation, especially when fishing near rocks. Predator fish associate it with crayfish. Depending on the time of year, Natural Predator will perform well in clear and stained water.