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Concealment is King

Though invisible to humans, ultraviolet light (UV) bounces off of your eyes and glasses into the field. Because some animals can see it, reflected UV could ruin an otherwise perfect disguise. Lenses treated with Concealment technology absorb UV to prevent reflection and complete your cover. You’re free to make your shot without flaring birds or other game

Standard lenses

The Problem


All optical surfaces reflect UV. Turkey and waterfowl have excellent vision and can see into the UV spectrum in order to spot predators. For outdoor enthusiasts, this is a huge issue. Reflecting UV into the field, which appears as bright white flashes to prey, gives up your position immediately.

Concealment Technology

RLVNT’s Solution

RLVNT’s Concealment coating absorbs UV into the lens. To turkey and other waterfowl, these lenses appear black for enhanced concealment. It is also a fully functioning anti-reflective coating that allows 99% of all visible light enters your eyes, so you see the field better.

Stealth Screen

UV absorption for your face

Concealment Lenses
Stealth Screen


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