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Polarized sunwear that adapts to any light conditions.

Vision is everything.

Introducing lenses that changes color based on the lighting conditions, giving you the most crisp vision possible.


See clearly with high color contrast in all lighting conditions from low light to bright sun.


Eliminate distracting glare and avoid squinting for a comfortable visual experience all day long.

Eye Matching Clarity

Crystal clear lens material gives you super crisp optics in the field.

Impact Resistant

Protect your eyes from environmental hazards with lightweight, shatter-resistant Trivex.

In low light and overcast conditions

Chameleon lenses are a green/yellow color offering high contrast whilst outdoors or driving.

As light conditions brighten

This unique technology allows Chameleon lenses to darken behind the windshield of the car, changing to a copper color while driving

In bright light and outside conditions

Chameleon lenses change to a dark-reddish brown when outdoors, helping you filter excess light and provide increased protection from bright light.

How it works


In Low Light/ Overcast conditions, Chameleon lenses remove glare and maximize useful light information reaching the eye for optimum visual accuity.


removes glare that would otherwise destroy vision in low light conditions.


At low lighting conditions, Chameleon lenses provide high transmission of light to maximize the total information to all the eye’s visual receptors. This results in maximum visual acuity at this low lighting level. The high contrast polarizer removes glare that would otherwise destroy vision in low light conditions.


In Bright Light, Chameleon these lenses remove glare and control the intensity of light reaching the eye for optimum visual accuity.


removes glare for safe and comfortable vision.


During bright light, Chameleon lenses provides lower overall transmission to control light intensity for optimum visual acuity. Chameleon lenses promote preferential activation of the eye’s red cones (and to a lesser extent, green cones) and result in the best possible vision at these higher light levels.


In Very Bright Light/ Outside conditions, Chameleon lenses remove glare and provide maximum filtration of excess light for optimum visual comfort and accuity.


provides maximum comfort in high light conditions.


In outside bright light conditions, the eyes’ visual receptors, the rods and cones, can easily get “overpowered” and “oversaturated” with light. Under these bright outside conditions the Chameleon lens is designed for maximum filtration of this excess light. It achieves its maximum dark color under these conditions. Chameleon is designed to provide maximum comfort to the wearer in these high outdoor light conditions.

Rain or Snow

Sunrise or Sunset

Fog or Glare