We are super stoked about these new lenses because they combine technologies in a totally new way. Chameleon lenses have five key features and benefits that make it the best choice for those who spend time outdoors.


1) Chameleon lenses use adaptive tint technology, which means they change color based on the amount of available sunlight.

You’re familiar with this feature in “Transition” sunglasses, but Chameleon is designed specifically for those who need excellent vision in the outdoors. In low light conditions, the yellow-green tint  blocks haze and enhances the contrast between your target and the background. When the sun shines brightly, the lenses respond smoothly to the UV light and darken first to a copper and finally dark brown to protect your eyes and provide ultimate comfort all while maintaining great color contrast.


2) Chameleon lenses are polarized to reduce glare.

Polarized lenses eliminate glare from the sun reflecting off  flat surfaces. This is important for those who work and play on the water. The reduced glare will help you see deeper into the river, lake, or ocean so you can get a better look at the fish habitat when angling and other sight fishing. You’ll be safer on the boat, too, since you’ll see underwater obstacles and hazards much more easily. In the field, glare is very distracting and puts a lot of strain on the eyes when you’re locked on your target. Our lenses prevent eye fatigue and ensure you see the field clearly and in higher contrast.


3) Chameleon lenses have Eye Matching Clarity.

The clarity of the lens material perfectly matches the clarity of your eye. Some lens materials aren’t as clear as your eye, which produces optical errors that make things look fuzzy and distorted. The effect is especially prominent in peripheral vision. This isn’t acceptable for outdoorsmen who need to see well even out of the corner of their eyes, so we made sure Chameleon lenses provide great optical clarity and excellent peripheral vision.


4) Chameleon lenses are highly impact resistant which is essential for effective protection of your eyes.

You deserve peace of mind when you’re doing what you love best in the great outdoors. Hunting especially comes with potential danger for your eyes, including hot brass from the gun itself. We don’t want you to worry about ejected shell casings, rogue branches, falling rocks, drops, or falls breaking your lenses and damaging your eyes. Your safety depends on it and we take that seriously.


5) Chameleon lenses pair perfectly with one of our custom coating options.

When paired with our Concealment technology, Chameleon lenses are the base to a perfect pair of hunting sunglasses. Though invisible to humans, ultraviolet light bounces off of your eyes and glasses into the field. Because some animals can see it, reflected UV could ruin an otherwise perfect disguise. Lenses treated with Concealment technology absorb UV to prevent reflection and complete your cover. You’re free to make your shot without flaring birds or other game.

We can also apply one of our Freshwater treatments on the Chameleon system for an amazing visual experience on the water. Fish often blend into their surroundings, making fishing a challenge. Freshwater technology in Red or Green filters light to make specific colors stand out in the environment. When incorporated into a polarized lens system like Chameleon, fish and structures are easily identified in the water.


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