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Frisbee During Covid

One of Sasquatch’s favorite past times is playing fisbee. It is a great way to get in some exercise, get some vitamin D and spend time with friends or family. As we look at getting outside during the Covid pandemic, it is important to remember the social distancing guidelines. This is a great option as you are typically across a field from your friend while playing frisbee. There are a few guidelines that are important if you choose to play this with someone you are not in quarantine with though. One of the challenges you can face while playing this fun game outside is the light interfering with your game. Take your RLVNT sunglasses out with you and you will be able to perform to the best of your abilities. These glasses offer polarized lenses which cut through blinding glare and allow you to see what is actually there. With lens options like our freshwater collections, you can choose the color that best suites your environment. Before doing any activity with people you are not in quarantine with, be sure you fully understand how the virus spreads. You may want to check out the CDC’s website for more information. If you choose to play, minimize risk by using hand sanitizer any time you touch your face. Get your supply of hand sanitizer here. For those who still decide to play rounds with people other than cohabitants, Jonas said that taking the following actions would make that choice as low-risk as possible: Keep your distance. Wipe the discs with disinfectant wipes or disinfectant. Don’t shake hands or give high 5’s. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizers. There are a lot…

Sasquatch plays piano

Pick Up New Hobbies During Quarantine

Sasquatch the hobbyist While Bigfoot, the master of isolation, is used to filling his time with nature walks and fishing, what he really enjoys is people watching. Now that we have all started staying indoors and away from crowds, Sasquatch is finding that he is unable to partake in his favorite past time. There are only so much Netflix and Prime Video you can watch without losing your mind so like many of us, Sasquatch is taking this time of quarantine to learn new hobbies. Here is a list of hobbies that you can try to pick up now that you have some free time on your hands. Clean up your garden. Spring is a great time to get in the dirt and plant some new flowers and plants. The weeds should be popping out now too so be sure to clean those up. Grab your RLVNT sunglasses to help protect your eyes from the sun and glare. Not only that, but they come with impact resistant lenses so in case you pull too hard and a weed smacks you in the face, your eyes will be protected. Get creative with cooking. There are so many cooking sites to choose from when looking for new ideas. My personal favorite is allrecipes.com. It is informative on the nutritional aspect as well as allowing you to change the serving size to fit your family’s needs. Pick up a musical instrument. Sasquatch is trying out those big hands on the piano. He is really taken by the sound of the piano. Learn a new language… or 3. Sasquatch is planning on traveling the globe when it is safe to do so. With this in…

Donate with Bigfoot

Food Banks need our help!

Donate to your local food bank We are seeing record breaking unemployment during the covid pandemic. Through this tragic reality though, we are also seeing beautiful stories of people helping other people by getting their neighbors groceries if they are immune compromised or celebrities doing some good for other less fortunate people. These stories lift our spirits and help us to know that humanity is generally good despite all the depressing news stories out there. The history of a “food bank” can be tracked back to the ancient story of a great famine in Egypt and the price who fed people with food he had stored in a large room. The modern food bank is not much different. The modern food bank is normally seen as a warehousing operation that collects food donations from local supermarkets, individual donors and other nonprofit organizations. Then distributing the food to those in need from their warehouse shelves. The first food bank in the United States was formed by a man named John Van Hengel in 1967 after he observed a single mother with 10 children after her husband was sent to death row. He went on to create a distribution network capable of storing potentially wasted food to now go to homes that needed it. That turned into a national warehouse and distribution platform that is now feeding 23 million Americans annually. Through the 1970’s other food banks cropped up and by the 1980’s they were in full swing. The 80’s were commonly referred to as the “decade of greed” as the economy was roaring but during this time, people were opening their pocketbooks to help those in need like they never have…


Hiking with Bigfoot

It is easy to feel cooped up and isolated during the COVID pandemic. And if you are feeling this way, you’re doing something right! With social distancing a priority, we need to get creative in how we spend our time outdoors. The master of isolation (aka Sasquatch) knows the benefits of getting outside and hiking.  This has been his go-to activity for years! Lately though, there has been some challenges in going to his favorite spots due to quarantine regulations. To see where you can go, click here. Here are some tips to get you to go play or hike outside. Find easy hikes. I know we all like to push the limit with what we can physically accomplish but during the COVID crisis, we need to rethink that. With the limited access to medical facilities and hospitals, be sure to search out local walking trails and nature hikes that are still available to the public. Make sure they aren’t too advanced of a hike for your skill levels. Keep the hike between you and the people you are quarantined with. Be sure to keep 6 feet distance from any passing hiker. Bring RLVNT sunglasses on your hike. This ties back to the need to keep hospital beds open and available for those in need and to not expose yourself to the virus. By wearing sunglasses, you can easily asses the trail and avoid injury through your sense of sight. Try the Chameleon lens for the best light changing technology. This lens will adjust to the natural light providing you with optimal visual acuity, all while you are unaware that it is doing its job. Keep your hands clean. Most…

Ordering takeout

Support Small Business with Sasquatch

As millions of people are now out of work and no longer able to go to a restaurant to sit down for a meal, it is important to remember that many of the places we enjoy are struggling as well. Many of us stocked up our pantries and dry goods to get us through quarantine but there is something to be said about the food at our favorite local restaurant. As social distancing has been appropriately implemented, the hospitality industry has been one of the hardest-hit businesses in this economic crisis. As we are seeing record-breaking unemployment, it is important to remember that local restaurants are doing their part to help feed us and offer us the meals that we know and love. Take out is more popular now than ever as it is mandatory if they are going to be open at all. Services like Uber Eats and GrubHub are being utilized more than ever and is a great option for people during quarantine. Both services have been deemed essential so don’t feel bad about utilizing these services. “This kind of upending of the labor market in such a short time is unheard of.” HEIDI SHIERHOLZ, ECONOMIC POLICY INSTITUTE How can you support small businesses without breaking the bank or your community’s economic structure? Here is a list that can help. Ask for options before you cancel. Businesses are getting creative in this crisis in an effort to keep their businesses alive and profitable. Ask for options for delivery, carry out or meal kits. If you have a regular family or friend dinner, buy meal kits or from the same restaurant and video chat a meal together. This will allow you to stay…

Fishing with Bigfoot

Fishing with Bigfoot

One of Sasquatch’s favorite things to do is go fishing! What a perfect opportunity to go fishing while we social distance during the COVID (coronavirus) quarantine. Sasquatch likes to do all kinds of angling. From fly fishing to bass fishing, there is no shortage of fish to be caught. One thing that frustrates him while on the rivers and lakes is the glare that is cast off the surface of the water. Water acts as a mirror to the sky which can be pretty bright and cause serious glare and eye fatigue. Not to mention it acts as camouflage to the fish under the surface. In your RLVNT eyewear, we provide you with a glare busting polarized lens solution as the baseline. Polarized lenses cut any reflected glare from reaching your eye so you can see right through it. The graphic below helps visually explain how polarized lenses work. As we are fishing, we want to cut through the reflected light to be able to see the bottom of the river or lake and look for where to cast our line. This will dramatically improve your fishing abilities. This is also a benefit when driving as it can help you react 20% quicker than those without sun protection. Being able to see the road and obstacles clearly can significantly improve your ability to drive safely. RLVNT also has the benefit of Trivex lenses which are impact resistant. This is important no matter what activity you enjoy. Driving, hiking, fishing all carry a risk of injury and by wearing your RLVNT sunglasses, you are protecting your eyes not only from injury but if you do fall in a way that would hit…

Sasquatch paying with puppies

Playing with Puppies

During the COVID outbreak, the CDC and WHO has advised us to self-quarantine, so we are now limiting our interaction with other people. But that doesn’t mean we have to limit our time with our best friends, our dog or cat. We need to find activities that stimulate our minds and helps ease the aspect of mental boredom. One way that Sasquatch overcomes his boredom is by playing with puppies! This helps to stimulate the brain as well as release feel-good chemicals in the body. Not to mention the benefits our pets get out of it. Interactive games like throwing a ball and having them fetch helps your dog build their focus and discipline. It also helps your dog stay alert and youthful feeling. Pets have evolved to become acutely attuned to humans and our behavior and emotions. Dogs, for example, can understand many of the words we use, but they’re even better at interpreting our tone of voice, body language, and gestures. And like any good human friend, a loyal dog will look into your eyes to gauge your emotional state and try to understand what you’re thinking and feeling. They also try to work out when the next walk or treat might be coming, of course. Studies have found Playing with a dog or cat can elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine, which calm and relax. Heart attack patients with pets survive longer than those without. Pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression than those without pets. People with pets have lower blood pressure in stressful situations than those without pets. One study even found that when people with borderline hypertension adopted dogs from a shelter,…

4 square with Sasquatch

4 Square with Sasquatch

Let’s Play 4 Square with Sasquatch! The CDC and WHO has instructed us to self-isolate during the Covid 19 pandemic while still maintaining a healthy exercise routine and getting outdoors. Sasquatch always enjoys a fun game of 4 square with his wildlife friends. If you draw your boxes big enough (6-8 feet squared), you can even play this game while social distancing 6 feet apart from your friends and family! Not familiar with 4 square? Here’s how you play! There are a lot of outdoor “playground” games that are great for getting some activity outside. You could play wall ball, put on those old roller skates or blades and roll around town. A few others that I have found while trying to occupy my kids time is hopscotch, tag and red rover. You can also tie a ball to a tree and play some tether ball. As kids are home from school, we are seeing that we lack certain playground equipment so my kids have really enjoyed learning the “vintage” games of years past and I am enjoying learning some of the new ones that they have shared with me. We were even able to snag a couple of jump ropes on Amazon so we have been learning all kind of jump rope games that I thought I had long forgotten. Click here for a list of fun ideas to play outside with your family. The possibilities are endless. The main thing to take away from this blog is that we need to get outside and why not bring back some childhood nostalgia while we’re at it? No matter what game you choose to play outside, it’s also important that…

Donate blood during COVID Quarantine

Donating Blood During COVID Quarantine

    Give blood with Sasquatch You can still go out and give blood. We’re worried about potential blood shortages in the future. Social distancing does not have to mean social disengagement. U.S. Surgeon General We are suggesting that you follow Sasquatch’s lead and be sure to donate blood often! Respirators, hand sanitizers, facemasks, and toilet paper aren’t the only things in short supply as we battle the COVID 19 pandemic. The blood donation centers have had to change the way they work to accommodate the social distancing restrictions put in place by the CDC and WHO. It doesn’t change the fact that we still need to be donating blood regularly. The larger cities are the places that need it the most. As people are staying out of densely populated areas, services like blood donations are taking a big hit when they are needed the most. Jessa Merrill, a spokesperson for the American Red Cross, told MarketWatch that Red Cross Blood Services must collect 13,000 donations a day to meet the need of the hospitals and patients it serves. Indeed, the Red Cross supplies about 40% of the nation’s blood. Yet since March 1, some 5,000 drives have been canceled, mostly at workplaces and schools that are themselves closed. And, as a result, there have been 170,000 fewer donations than there would typically have been. We’re facing a severe shortage right now,” she said — a sentiment being echoed by local blood banks all over the country. Let’s put those fears to rest! Don’t be scared to give blood. Organizers at the Red Cross said there is no evidence that COVID-19 is transferred by blood transfusion and they’re adopting new protocols to…

Quarantine and Chill

Quarantine and Chill!

   Quarantine and chill!   One of the top three phrases for 2020 so far is quarantine and chill. It is in times like these that we are encouraged to binge-watch our favorite shows and movies. Take it from the master of isolation himself, couch time is a good time. But if you are wanting to do more with your time spent indoors, here is a list of things you can do while isolating. Binge your favorite shows. Of course, this is the easy button. But if you are like me at all, this is going to get old fast. I find myself searching out other things to watch that can help me like HGTV or watching the outdoor channels. Take inventory of the hunting gear you have. Get rid of anything you haven’t or won’t use in the future. Make a list of things you need and purchase whatever you can online. This is a great way to support small businesses who desperately need your support through this time of social distancing. Take on a new hobby. Find things that you’ve always wanted to learn to do and build your own “YouTube University”. Become an expert by searching out relevant content that pertains to the activity that interests you. Home improvements. Whether it is adding some texture to a wall or painting the interior of a room or the whole house, get those projects done while you have this precious time. Don’t forget to let the kids help. This is a great way to teach them life lessons. The great purge! It is a great time to go through your belongings and see what you can get rid of. Now…